You have the log home of your dream, but it has lost it’s luster. What can you do? One great way to restore that original luster is to re-stain those exterior logs. Too often we see log homes that were originally stained with an inferior stain and as a result they begin to fade within a few years. We highly recommend you use a quality stain such as Sikkens stain products. While they may have an initial higher costs, they will lasts much longer and look much better.

Prepping a log home for staining is accomplished by first cleaning with a log wash solution, sanding, power washing surfaces, or blasting with a corn cob media. Once completed, you may begin the stain process. Begin by choosing an idea color or combination of colors. Most companies will send free samples at your request. Oil based stains are not recommended, due to the extensive clean-up required. Also, restrictions on VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds) levels have become increasingly strenuous on oil based stains. The final step is applying a sealant in either satin or glossy finish.

Paint will cover the beautiful appeal a log home is known for and peel over time. Paint will not protect the logs from weather damage, causing potentially more damage and headaches. Staining is the prefered method, because stains penetrate and protect the logs. If you would like more information and tips on how to best maintain your new log home, feel free to give one of us here at Mountainscape a call.

Team Mountainscape