What is a Custom Market Report?

A custom market report is one that you design with your specific criteria that can be quickly accessed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Your report contains a list of all active, under contract, and recently sold homes that meet your chosen criteria. Each report contains basic property data for each home (see example below). The data is summarized and averages are calculated to provide valuable market information. Each property listed within the report is also linked to a more detailed view of the property with photos. You can create an unlimited amount of market reports, which you can choose to have emailed to you on a regular basis with updated information. 

Sample Custom Market Report

Why Should I Create a Custom Market Report? 

Custom market reports can be used by both Buyers and Sellers. A Seller might use a market report to monitor home sale activity of similar homes within the same subdivision as their own property. This can assist the Seller and their agent in keeping track of competing properties that enter the market while informing them of recent nearby sales which may be used as comparable properties in a future appraisal. Buyers may use custom market reports to quickly scan for new homes in a particular neighborhood of interest. In addition, they can use the sold data to assist them in determining an appropriate offering price for a home.

How to Create a Custom Market Report? 

To create your own Custom Market Reports you must first Sign up for a Free Account (To learn more about the many advantages of signing up for a free account –  Click Here ). Once you have signed up, you can click on the image below to create your own Custom Market Report. Once clicked, a new webpage will open (see sample below) to allow you to enter the specific “Location” and “Property Details” for the type of homes you would like to include within your report. Once you have your criteria entered, just click on the “Go To Market Report” button to create your Custom Market Report.

Create Custom Market Report