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Lansing, North CarolinaThis rustic High Country town offers a peaceful quality of life in northwestern North Carolina. Southern small-town appeal and a quaint downtown have beaconed people to settle in Lansing for many generations. Today, the natural beauty draws buyers seeking second homes or those looking for the perfect retirement getaway. A permanent population of about 158 residents live within the town boundaries. Many more residents live outside town limits, enjoying the open mountain air and endless possibilities for their homestead. The downtown of Lansing is positioned in the northeastern part of Ashe County in a narrow valley at the point where Old Field Branch flows into Big Horse Creek. Lansing offers year-round festivals and regular public gatherings open to families, traditional music lovers, and everyone else looking for a bit of authentic mountain culture. Lansing's most popular annual celebration is the Ola Belle Reed Old-Time Music Festival, which is held every August to honor songwriter and musician Ola Belle Reed, affectionately known as the Mother of Bluegrass. She was born right there in Lansing in 1916. Other festivals include the annual Rubber Ducky Race on the New River and the annual five-week Halloween Haunted School event. Weekend barbecues sponsored by the Lansing Fire Department throughout the year are a must for everyone's tastebuds! If you like mountain views then Lansing will not disappoint. The Lansing area is Ashe County's most mountainous with ridge lines offering spectacular views into neighboring Virginia and Tennessee. Click here for more information on Lansing and its rich history. 


Lansing is located about 20 minutes from Jefferson and West Jefferson. It is only 45 minutes from Boone (NC) and is less than an hour from Abingdon (VA) or Mountain City (TN). You could get to Lansing from Charlotte or Winston-Salem in about 2-1/2 hours

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