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The town of Jefferson is the county seat for Ashe County, North Carolina. The town has a population of approximately 1600 residents and a land area of almost two square miles. Jefferson sits at an elevation of 3000 feet and the terrain in town is mostly flat with a few rolling hills. As most residents of Ashe County reside outside the town limits, local businesses and government buildings make up a large portion of the town. Ashe County Courthouse, Jefdferson NCThe recently constructed Ashe County Courthouse, County Annex Building, and Law Enforcement Center are centrally located and provide a wide array of services to local residents. The Original 1902 courthouse has been transformed into the new Ashe County Museum of History and provides visitors with a glimpse of Ashe County as it existed for prior generations.

Ashe Memorial Hospital is located in Jefferson and serves as the primary hub for other local medical providers. Ashe Park is just north of town and provides a venue for many local events to include the Ice Bowl and the Annual Fiddler's Convention. Ashe Memorial HospitalAshe Park also contains the High Country's only Disk Golf Course which is free to the public and draws players from all over the area. Overlooking the town, at a peak elevation of 4665 feet, stands Mount Jefferson.  Mount Jefferson State Park is located at the top of the mountain and offers a variety hiking trails and picnic areas along with stunning views of Jefferson and the surrounding area.


Ashe County was incorporated in 1799 and the Town of Jefferson was officially chartered by the NC General Assembly in 1803. The town was named after president Thomas Jefferson and was the first town in the United States to carry his name.

Jefferson Real Estate 

The Jefferson NC real estate market consist primarily of single family homes priced between $80,000 and $200,000. The city limits of Jefferson encompasses less than two square miles and the town itself has a population of approximately 850 residents. Many of the homes for sale within the city limits are older and consist of a mixture of colonial style homes, small cottages, and single level brick ranch homes. Due to it's small size, the Jefferson real estate market consist mostly of older existing homes. The new contruction market is limited and most new homes are being built in developments outside of the city limits of Jefferson.


The town of Jefferson is located in the center of the county and only a few minutes from West Jefferson, the commercial hub of Ashe County. Jefferson is also a short 35 minute drive to Boone or Wilkesboro. The closest large city is Hickory at almost a one hour drive.

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