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Beech Mountain, Avery County NCAt a staggering 5,506 foot elevation, Beech Mountain is Eastern America's highest town offering views for miles around. Located in both Avery and Watauga counties, the town stretches over some of northwestern North Carolina's most beautiful mountain land. Tranquil and quaint with gorgeous views that will seduce the most timid soul, this Appalachian hideaway is the perfect getaway for the 2nd home buyer or traditional buyer seeking mountain life with bountiful perks. Hospitality driven, Beech Mountain is family friendly,  inviting adventure seekers young and old. Beech Mountain Ski Resort, Watauga County NCThe four season weather at mild temperatures creates ideal conditions all year long. A permanent population of 350 residents inhabit Beech Mountain, but the town accommodates 5,000 to 10,000 2nd home buyers looking to breathe fresh mountain air and vacationers seeking a break from the rest of the world. This mountain area is home to 2,350 dwellings positioned in picturesque locations. Beech Mountain Ski Resort offers area skiers 16 trails to test their skills. Skiers will hit the slopes quickly using North Carolina's only high speed quad lift.


The incorporated town of Beech Mountain is located at the very top of the mountain. Its closest neighbor is the town of Banner Elk which lies 15 minutes down a winding road at the bottom. Boone can be reached in 45 minutes and Hickory takes one hour and 45 minutes.

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